Testimonials - La Plante Fitness
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Tim B.

Initially, I came to Justin to get help with an injured knee. I had been a weightlifter and runner through graduate school, but after an injury, nearly eighteen months of hit-and-miss physical therapy meant that my overall strength and conditioning level had atrophied. After Justin helped me bridge physical therapy to fully return to the activities I’d enjoyed, like running, hiking, and weightlifting, we decided to keep working together.

Since then, we’ve restarted with the basics and entirely rebuilt my body: improving my form, increasing my strength, protecting me against future injury, all the while keeping me motivated and focused through good times and bad.

Friends have remarked that I look like an entirely different person (in a good way!), and Justin’s guidance and steady leadership in the gym have translated outside the gym into increased confidence, a changed set of life priorities, and even a promotion at work. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Andy A.

There are a lot of challenges Justin has help me with, but I’d say the most meaningful is helping me overcome several injuries – I injured my shoulder surfing several years ago and, despite a surgery, physical therapy, and work with other trainers, it just nagged me and wouldn’t heal up.

Justin identified the issue and built a plan to get me back to fighting fit, all while continuing to help me focus on overall health. Most importantly, though, he helped me understand the anatomy of the shoulder and (here’s the kicker) the compensation patterns built up over time that kept me from fully healing.   Other trainers had helped me with routines, but Justin was the first to leverage real knowledge of movement and anatomy to figure out how to improve overall performance.

I would recommend Justin without hesitation because he continually demonstrates commitment to my success – he takes the time (often off the clock) to curate videos, information packets, and even personalized nutrition recommendations. He also has a deep (and long-lasting) passion for science and evidence, not trend-based diet and exercise. That, combined with his real, authentic desire to help people help themselves (and just being a fun guy to hang out with), makes him the best trainer I’ve ever worked with.

Nicholas B.

For the past 18 years I’ve had issues with my shoulder from years of competitive swimming combined with coaches that didn’t focus on technique or shoulder health. Justin has gotten my shoulder to a place where I don’t have pain and can lift heavy without having to worry about having a “bad shoulder.”

We identified the weak points and focused on exercises that engage the entire shoulder muscle group as well as the support system that needed to be strengthened. Combining this with yoga I was able to loosen up points of tension that caused movement to be restricted.

I would recommend Justin if you want a coach that has an encompassing understanding of how the physical body performs and who knows how to target specific programs to build overall strength and performance, and not just a vanity coach, then Justin is your guy!

Betty L.

My biggest challenge was to get fit again I commute 2 hours a day for work and had really lagged in a fitness routine that also suited my schedule to the point where I didn’t exercise regularly for 2 years.  Working out with Justin weekly helped me reestablish a regular workout and build up some muscles!

I would absolutely recommend Justin!  He is a great coach and partner, someone that you’d WANT to work out with, and he has a great scientific approach to fitness that I appreciate.

In addition, he really cares about establishing trusted relationships with his clients – working out with him is not transactional, as it can feel often time with other trainers and gyms in SF.

Oleg A.

Justin developed workouts that fit into my work/life schedule, and adjusted them as needed based on the number of days I have available to get to the gym. This helped me with both consistency and results.

Further, Justin fixed my form, and, as result, I no longer experience random shoulder and elbow pains that had persisted before I started working with him.

Finally, he modifies his intensity based on the client and week when training in person. Meaning, Justin works with you, as opposed to making you work his program. Overall, stellar experience.

George C.

I have been training with Justin for almost five years. For much of that time my wife Lisa and I were looking for a fitness routine we could do together. Our problem was solved when we started training jointly with Justin.

He has built workout routines that we can do side-by-side, and manages to give each of us the coaching and attention we need simultaneously. We have been doing a weekly couples’ session for more than two years now, and it’s one of the highlights of our week.

His programs constantly evolve to keep things fresh and incorporate the latest science, but always remain intuitive and easy to follow. He knows how to push and motivate each of us without ever taking the fun out of fitness.

Lisa C.

I was hesitant to start working out with Justin as I was very out of shape and I didn’t have any experience with strength training, I was afraid that there would be too much that I couldn’t do. 
Justin met me right at my level of ability, he has been great at identifying my strengths and weaknesses and modifying exercises so that I could do them and then building bridges to get me where I want to be. 
I cannot say enough great things about Justin as a trainer. He is reliable and easy to work with, is great at tailoring our routines to my needs, and he keeps every workout entertaining with his great sense of humor. 

Andy B.

I originally started training with Justin to help with an ongoing back issue. Since then not only has my back issues been resolved but I have greatly increased my overall strength and fitness.

He has a broad knowledge of strength training and nutrition and is always willing to give helpful advice. His infectious positivity makes it very enjoyable to work out and you know that he has a passion for what he does.

My only complaint is that I didn’t find him earlier.

Mike S. 

Justin helped me get back to (and even better than) normal activity and sports after I had reconstructive ACL knee surgery. Post surgery, Justin worked with my physical therapist on a collaborative rehab plan.

We covered strength, stability, and range of motion, eventually moving up to dynamic movement. I even came out of it squatting and deadlifting more than pre-injury.

 I would absolutely recommend Justin. He takes the time to be a subject matter expert, so you’re getting services beyond just your time together. He freely shares information and works on a customized plan depending on your individual circumstances and goals.

Lorelei C.

After suffering an injury playing soccer, I underwent reconstructive ankle surgery in December 2013.  Weeks on crutches and months in a boot left me with muscle imbalances, decreased mobility, and severely stunted my physical activities.

Working alongside my physical therapist, Justin helped rebuild my calf muscle, re-balance my hips to do squats (140lbs), cut 15 pounds over 16 weeks (125 to 110), and return to my regular activities stronger than I was before surgery.

I would definitely recommend Justin as a trainer.  Year after year, together we’ve made real goals and, through thoughtfully tailored programs, achieved them.